DANICA down and feathers of high quality

Do you sleep well?

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and when we sleep, we boost our immune system and replenish our energy for everyday life. It is therefore a key factor for safe and good sleep. Here your duvet and pillow play an important role for a good night’s sleep. Just as we humans are different, so are duvets and pillows.

Why should I choose down and feathers?

The advantage of down and feathers, in addition to their being delightfully soft, is their unique and natural properties that help keep you warm while keeping moisture away from your body.

Where do we get down and feathers from?

We care about animal welfare, which is why we exclusively purchase feathers from European slaughterhouses and only from European geese and ducks. DANICA is member of EDFA, an organisation dedicated to animal welfare, so you can sleep peacefully and with good conscience.

Different kinds of down

In the picture you can see large, good down with superb insulating properties. Next to the large down is smaller down. It is also categorised as down, but because of its size, it insulates nothing like as well as the large down.
Finally, there is what is called small feathers. The small feathers do not isolate very well, as they can hardly hold on to the air, hence their poor insulation properties.