Made in Denmark – Your guarantee for quality

DANICA is Made in Denmark

Not so many products can be labelled MADE IN DENMARK, but DANICA’s duvets and pillows can.

Every single day things are humming at the down factory in Lunderskov, both in the laboratory and in production. Here, diligent Danish hands fill quality down and feathers into 100% cotton cases.

After that they carefully pack DANICA duvets and pillows and send them out into the world so they can become yours and help you enjoy safe and good full night’s sleep.

  • We make all our products in Lunderskov
  • All our products are of the highest quality
  • We test for harmful substances and allergens
  • All down and feathers are quality tested by a certified laboratory
  • We does NOT receive any down or feathers plucked from live birds
  • We clean all the down and feathers before use
  • We also use Danish workforce
DANICA - Made in Denmark

How to produce a DANICA duvet and pillow