Duvet care

DANICA Duvet Care

A duvet is not just a duvet – do something good for yourself and choose your duvet carefully. It will keep you warm every night for many years to come.

4 tips for a healthy duvet

  • Never make your bed right after you get up. Instead turn the duvet around over your bed so it can breathe, allowing the air to absorb the sweat from the night.
  • When making your bed, always shake your duvet from all sides and gently pat the down into place in each cassette to help extend the duvet’s life
  • Turn your duvet around when you change the bed linen. This will help keep the duvet filling inside the cassettes
  • Remember to air your duvet. Note that direct sunlight and damp weather are harmful to down and can damage the duvet

Washing instructions for DANICA duvets

  • You can see how to wash the duvet and the temperature at which it is to be washed on its label
  • Always wash the duvet with down detergent or enzyme-free washing product
  • Make sure the washing machine is large enough (min. 7 kg)
  • We recommend a minimum of 1200 revolutions per minute. When the duvet is finished, it is a good idea to take it out, shake it a bit and centrifuge it once more.
  • Always dry the duvet in a tumble dryer. Remember to put tennis balls inside the machine as they help the filling dry faster
  • Please note that it takes a long time to dry a duvet (about 4 hours). The duvet has to be completely dry.