Find the best pillow with our pillow guide

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It is important to get good sleep, a natural part of a good night’s sleep is a pillow made just for you. Use our pillow guide and find your own favourite to enjoy the best conditions for a good night’s sleep.

If it is not the right kind of pillow for you, you risk both neck and back pain, which would only contribute to ruining your good night’s sleep.

Pillow guide:

  • Do you sleep on your stomach/back? Choose a LOW pillow
  • Do you sleep on your back/on one side? Choose a MEDIUM pillow
  • Do you sleep on one side? Choose a HIGH pillow
  • Child’s first adult pillow? Choose a LOW pillow
DANCIA pudevalg

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If you have found your favourite pillow using our guide, you can always visit your retailer where you will find a wide range of fine DANICA products.

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