DANICA is keen on delivering products of the finest quality, so we strive to have our duvets and pillows certified in terms of quality, environment and clean down so you are guaranteed to get a nice duvet made in Denmark.

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Free of chemistry

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is an international standard for allergy and chemical-free textiles. Danica is in Class I, which is the best class possible.

Downafresh® greenLine

Guarantee for clean down

Downafresh® greenLine guarantees the cleanliness of down and feathers, preventing avian influenza, fungus, bacteria or soap residues.


High quality and animal ethics

DOWNPASS guarantee high quality and the certainty that down and feathers used as filling material are ethically sourced and come from tightly controlled and traceable supply chains. In addition, the quality of all products is monitored by independent testing institutes.

Made in Denmark

Made in Denmark

We guarantee that all DANICA products are produced in Denmark.

Down and Feathers - Class 1

DANICA uses only new down and feathers of the highest quality.
All down and feathers are certified according to EN 12934 – Class 1, which is the highest possible standard.


Free of house dust mites

NOMITE guarantees that duvets and pillows do not contain any dust mites, our cases are so tightly woven that the house dust mites cannot get through